I think I might have to record these songs all over again but I don’t mind though!!

I have been doing a little research on “clipping” when doing audio recording and I think the best way to avoid it is that you need to stay out of the red completely. I think in garageband, I’m gonna have to re-record these songs over again and stay out of the red in the VU meter. I can make them louder later when mastering in “Final Touch” app that I just got.

“Final Touch” is a nice mastering app. I’ve been watching tutorial videos in youtube learning how to use it.

I don’t mind re-recording these 7 songs over again, though. At least I got ’em recorded as song ideas so I won’t forget ’em. I could find a way to improve these songs too! I want the sound production to these songs to sound really good that’s part of why I got the “Final Touch” mastering app.

I want these songs to sound great. Studio professional on an Ipad. If I can get these songs to sound clean and GOOD, I’ll no longer have to record in professional studios! I’ll spend all this week re-recording these songs. Staying out of the red is probably the best way to avoid clipping.

I’m real proud of these songs and I’m trying to get the best sound out of ’em the best I can.


3 thoughts on “I think I might have to record these songs all over again but I don’t mind though!!”

  1. Personally, I don’t need anybody’s help or advice on production and songwriting. There are better ways of giving criticism without being rude and negative about it. That’s why I’m done taking advice from others and do things my own way.


  2. You should really (even though it might be a pain) be videotaping this entire process…I don’t think anyone has ever made, like, a mini-documentary about producing an entire album on an iPad (I could be wrong though) and it might be cool/inspirational for other people to watch a video of you doing it after it’s done.

    1. That’s actually a good idea. I might do that.I was planning on doing some kind of documentary/self-interview talking about the album. It’ll help hype it up.


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