Pharrell Williams, “Girl” brief review…

Last night, I finally gotten around to listening to Pharrell Williams’s album, “Girl” on my Ipod Touch and I must say that I was really impressed with the album. I really loved it a lot and I really mean that too. Like I repeatedly said, I’m not into rap music much but some of it I can take.

I was really impressed with this album ’cause all of these songs are catchy and very enjoyable to listen to. In most rap & hip hop music, most rap songs are written in a negative direction. You know how a lot of rappers write songs about drugs, committing crime, partying, etc. Well there’s none of that stuff on this album.The lyrics from what I heard are all very positive and happy, inspiring. You can dance to this kind of music too.

I was impressed with the whole album. Every song on it blew me away. The album was tight and passionate. This was one of the best rap/pop albums I’ve ever heard in a long time. I like this album a lot more than the Iggy Azalea album even though I like her a lot too. Pharrell is a badass. I’m a new fan. Proud to be one. Pharrell’s “Girl” is definitely one of the best albums this year and it’s pretty high up there. I’m gonna give it another listen tonight probably.


One thought on “Pharrell Williams, “Girl” brief review…”

  1. He’s much more than a rap artist. Really, really good producer, writer, all of that. Solid guy too.

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