I don’t have time for feuds or online drama… let them whine and cry…





Yes, I’m in a feud with a certain someone but it’s none of you guys. It’s with somebody who fronts a well-known local band that should be nameless at this time but you’ll probably figure out who I’m referring to soon enough. Which is a shame. I did nothing but support his music… going to his shows, buy his albums. I did nothing but show this guy respect but he doesn’t want to show the same respect in return and he just wants to treat me like garbage online. That’s what goes on a lot around the area’s music scene… a lot of backstabbing going on.

The feud ends here and now. I will no longer reply to this idiot ’cause all he’s doing is just trying to get attention off of me and I don’t need negative people like that in my life.

I have nothing against you guys at all. It’s just that this other douche thinks he can ruin the fun by telling me what I can and can’t post on my blog. He’s been doing that for a long while now. I’m not gonna change for him or anyone else. Not gonna happen. If he hates my blogging so much then why does he continue to read?

It’s my site. It’s not his decision to control it. It’s not his decision of what he wants to see on it.

You guys are cool with me… this dude that I speak of is not. Nobody tells me what to do or how to post on my blog.

I don’t have time for drama and bullshit. Just wanna continue to do my thing. Enjoy life and be happy.

Rock on! \m/