Your Meme For The Day: This one is for all the shit talkers out there…

I’m real sick of people being nice to you and friendly to you in person but when you talk to this person online… they are so mean to you all the time. They claim that they like you in person but they don’t like you online but you know it’s a freakin’ lie. You can’t separate both. The online world and the real world are both the same so when you bash someone online that means you are bashing them as a person altogether. So therefor, when you say that you don’t like this person online, that mean you don’t like this person at all. There’s no difference between the online world and the offline world.

The reason that some people are nice to you in person but mean to you online is ’cause simply put, they are cowards. They are scared to say that stuff to your face.

You see, folks, when you decide to bash someone online or call them out, we don’t ever forget these things. We are human. We have feelings and have different emotions. Sometimes we do take how others treat us very seriously.

When you publicly use facebook, twitter, wordpress blogs to call someone out you can’t expect this person to be nice to you when you run into him in person somewhere.

For example, if some guy that I know is bashing me in facebook or a wordpress blog and if I happen to run into this guy in person somewhere like at a party or a local band show, you can’t expect me to be friendly with this guy after him bashing me online. I’m not saying that I would react violently ’cause I’m not a violent guy but I would be violent for self-defense only, however. Even if I won’t be violent to the guy who bashed me online, I still won’t be friendly to him. I won’t forget how he treated me online, I’ll probably lose my temper and tell him to, “Get the Fuck Out Of My Face” and would have no problem saying that.

Some of these guys especially from people that I know who bash me online are just scared to say these things to my face… that’s why they do it. They’re pussies. All of ’em.



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