On top of that… haters are gonna hate anyway… fuck ’em, ya know???

Hate is a strong word. Hate is wrong but ya can’t do anything about it, ya know? People are gonna hate no matter how good of a person you are. There is absolutely no reason at all for other people to go on hating you or me. You don’t have to explain yourself to them and I wished I never did that here. That’s what they want you to do and I gotta stop that. They obviously want more attention off of you and if you respond to them, you’re just giving them more attention they don’t deserve. You’re allowing them to be victorious.

When feuds happen between two people, both sides are always trying to tell their side of the story and no matter what you say and no matter how hard you try to defend yourself — you’ll never win over that other person. The other person you’re fighting with will keep arguing and arguing. The hater will always think he/she is right all of the time. You have nothing to prove to haters.

So best thing to do is just ignore them completely. I gotta try that. Please try that. Ignoring people and pretending they’re dead is pretty easy to do.

Yes, my criticism toward local music and other topics may be controversial but I don’t care. I am honest man and that’s all there is to it. If others find it a problem? Who cares.

I maybe critical a lot but notice how I never go off swearing like a storm, losing my temper or resorting to name calling in my posts. I try my best to keep my rants on my site as positive as possible. Of course, you can’t please everybody, right???

Let the haters talk shit all they want to ’cause all they’re doing is showing their true colors and they’re doing a good job destroying themselves. You just exposed them for who they really are. šŸ™‚


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