An all female Ghostbusters group could work… and I’m willing to give it a chance!!!

With Harold Ramis now being dead and Bill Murray still no longer wants any part of Ghostbusters at all, it makes a lot of sense to reboot Ghostbusters. The idea of “Ghostbusters 3” is that the original Ghostbusters will pass the torch to new and young “Ghostbusters”. In the beginning, they were gonna do an all young male group but they changed it to an all female Ghostbusters group.

I actually like an all female Ghostbusters group. While the plot to the new Ghostbusters movie haven’t been revealed yet… you can still get an idea of what the plot is going to be. This movie is gonna be about Dr. Ray Stantz training new rookie’s to be new Ghostbusters. Since Harold Ramis is now gone, they’re probably gonna make it so that Dr. Egon Spengler is gonna be dead in the film. Since Bill Murray is still not in, they’re probably gonna make it that Dr. Peter Venkman has retired and moved on. Who knows what happened to Winston Zeddemore? Ray is still the only Ghostbuster. Ray is getting old and he wants to move on and to retire. New York City is still being attacked by ghosts all over the place and Dr. Ray Stantz can’t do it all by himself ’cause of his age so he’s looking for new recruits.

Dr. Ray Stantz goes around looking for new people to be a part of the new Ghostbusters team. He couldn’t find anybody that would work so he figures that young females would be better. Why would young females be better? Probably because they are smart. More physical. Young women can move quicker and faster. Young women have the ability to catch ghosts. Ghosts would probably communicate with women better than men. Ray finds that young women are better at catching ghosts than men. That’s why he have chosen young women.

I don’t think young men as Ghostbusters would work ’cause they wouldn’t be a box office draw. Young women would be a box office draw. They would probably make the young women good looking and sexy.

Ghostbusters is a mix of comedy, action, horror and science-fiction. All mixed into one and “Ghostbusters 3” will still be the same. We will still get the same equipment and gadgets like the Proton packs, P.K.E. Meters, traps but I’m sure we’ll get a different design. I’m sure Ghostbusters uniform will still be the same. With new technology in filming these days, we will definitely get more CGI and all kinds of cool special effects with the new movie.

The new Ghostbusters will still be in the same style as the first one, just with young females instead. Having men being the heroes is getting old. It’s time for something different and something new. I think an all girl Ghostbusters is a nice idea and I’m willing to give it a chance. An all female Ghostbusters is already creating controversy. Fans are bashing this idea like crazy but honestly, I think they’ll like it when the actual movie comes out.

I think the girls have what it takes to put on an entertaining as hell Ghostbusters movie. I’m sure they’ll keep it funny and comical just like the original.

I’m sure Slimer and Stay Puff the Marshmellow Man will make an appearance. Hopefully, we get a few surprising cameos by characters of the original Ghostbusters film. It’ll be kind of sweet if Rick Moranis makes a cameo as Louis Tully. Maybe Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) could make a cameo too.

I’m interested in seeing how they’re gonna pull this off. Sony and Dan Aykroyd seems committed with this project. They’re gonna move forward with it despite the mixed criticism. I’m glad “G3” is finally happening. Now that they got a director, they should start casting soon and it’ll be interesting who they’ll pick for new Ghosbusters.

I’m sure the new “Ghostbusters” will be a success and will be a box office smash. I think young women deserve this opportunity. Mr. Aykroyd is doing a good thing.


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