More on my local music scene criticism…

Some people may find my criticism toward Albany’s music scene a little offensive or negative ’cause why? In my belief, I think it’s because I’m one of the very few around here being realistic and honest about local music. There are plenty of local music websites and local music blogs out there writing about the music scene and writing reviews but many of them are afraid to be brutally realistic about things. Most local promoters, bloggers and critics like to treat the scene all positive and “happy, happy, joy joy”. Nobody wants to be realistic on anything. Most people like to treat this scene positively but it don’t hurt to be brutal about it either.

Everybody wants to see this scene as positive and “happy, happy, joy, joy”. Well, sorry to say but it isn’t. Far from being positive. I’ve been saying for years that we’ve been living in one of the most negative music scenes in the United States and I still by stand it today. You can’t trust everything and everyone around here. Everybody wants to be critical and opinionated about you if they decide to dislike you. If we had more people being honest and real around here, then we could live in a better music scene.

If you find what I said about the local music scene in the past offensive or negative, wait ’til you see what I have to say next in the future. I got some great ideas coming up. It’ll get even better for ya’!

Some people make ridiculous claims that my local music criticism will hurt my own music. Well, quite honestly, I think people say that ridiculous shit just to try and shut me up. That’s it. I don’t think my honesty will hurt my music at all but in fact, I think it’ll only help make it better. Even if it’s true that my local music criticism might affect my music, I don’t give a shit. I do music for me anyways.

There’s a lot of musicians around here with horrible attitudes and they have large egos that’s out of this world. Many of them think they’re professional but a lot of them are not. There are too many scum bags around here and you shouldn’t have to be afraid to call them all out so other people can be aware.

Don’t be afraid to be realistic. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth even if it hurts others. I’ve never have been afraid. Yes, the truth may upset others and others will try to retaliate by trying to call me out, rant, vent, etc. Whatever. Nothing is stopping me.

I’ll talk about local music and bands any way I want to. I think it’s actually a good thing to do is to be brutally realistic about things. I enjoy it. No regrets at all.


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