Say Aloha to Gov. Neil Abercrombie!!!!

This is awesome news! The state of Hawaii did a great thing voting this asshole and traitor out. Gov. Abercrombie was a big Obama and Obamacare supporter. He was also one of those slimy and corrupt idiots covering for Obama’s birthplace. Make no mistake about it. Obama had a whole team covering his birthplace info. Good riddance to this loser!!!

Now that he’s no longer Governor of Hawaii, hopefully the truth of Obama’s birthplace will come out soon!


7 thoughts on “Say Aloha to Gov. Neil Abercrombie!!!!”

  1. Don’t count on it. He only lost because he wanted to tax pensions. And he lost to guess what…another DEMOCRAT. HI is still going to have a Dem Governor.

    1. Who cares if Hawaii got another democrat governor. I’m just glad Abercrombie is gone. Hopefully this new governor will have a spine and tells the truth about Obama’s birthplace if he finds anything.


  2. Ige is just as big a socialist as Obama. Nothing id going to change. We would be better off with Abercronbie because he IS such a failure. He can’t get anything done. Ige will have a much better chance at implementing his agenda than Abercronbie ever did.

    You really need to look beyond the labels look into accomplishments. Abercrombie failed miserably with ACA plans here and got less tham 1% of our population signed up. Ige has a very real chance at boosting the ACA here and signing up close to 75%, if not more.

    He also backs Obama’s claims that he is a citizen. And because he is better liked, more folks will listen to him than Abercrombie.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised that Obama will try to befriend Ige so they can cover up the birthplace even more. That would probably end up happening. Just wait for it, Obama will soon respond to this and will probably endorse Ige. It’s still good news that Abercrombie has been voted out. I never liked the guy.


  3. I doubt you even know anything about him. More peolpe are willing to work with Ige than Abercrombie. That makes Ige more dangerous to the Right. Abercrombie was basically powerlless.

    Ige will be better for Hawaii. Better economic plans, better employment plans, education, etc…

    1. I’m sure Ige will be better than Abercrombie.

      Anyway, I’m still believing that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii. Obama definitely had some help… hiring people to protect him: Loretta Fuddy, Abercrombie and possibly many many more. If you still believe that the B.C. is authentic, then you are one gullible person.


      1. Get over it. It’s very possible to pay someone to keep their mouths shut over certain things. It’s called money and power.


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