Why does Motley Crue have to over hype their break-up so much??? Who cares, ya know???

Don’t get me wrong… I love Motley Crue. I think they are one of the baddest metal bands on the planet. They’re a great band but I don’t get their over hype of their so called retirement or break-up or whatever. I’ve never seen legendary bands do this before. When bands call it quit, they would either go out quietly or just announce their break up and not doing anything else after that. Why does Motley Crue have to shove their retirement in our faces?

Usually when artists do that… like farewell tours or whatever… they usually make huge comebacks in the future like Garth Brooks just did. Remember Garth’s last big farewell tour? KISS have done it too. Phish have also done it.

If a band is gonna quit. Then just fuckin’ quit. It’s an easy thing to do. You don’t have to go on lengthy farewell tours and promote it to death. When famous bands do farewell tours and they promote it heavily… all it is it’s just ego-stroking… ya know, jerking themselves off. That’s what it is, in my opinion. They are desperate for attention and desperate to get respected more. A lot of ass-kissing.

I like Motley Crue but I’m not gonna lie, they are a bunch of egomaniacs for sure. That can’t be denied.

How much do you wanna bet that the Crue will come back in a few years or so? They take a few years break and then they promote their next BIG comeback. With that being said, I don’t buy it at all that this band is done. They’ll be back… they’ll always come back.


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