Just Noodling Around #3… jamming over a slow ballad…

Here’s another jam track I just did… recorded through AmpliTube. I decided to try and play a solo over a slow ballad and I seem to pull it off okay!!! I’m playing over key changes this time.

I’m taking all the stuff I’ve learned over the years in my lead playing and testing out my skills.

Playing electric guitar is a lot of fun.

I need more pedals, though. I don’t have a large pedal collection. I only have three pedals in my collection. The only ones I have are the Metal Master, Boss Super Overdrive and I have a Wah pedal.

After hearing some of the pedals through AmpliTube makes me want to buy a Chorus, Delay, Flanger and a Echo pedal sometime. I wanna get a Fuzz pedal too ’cause that’s pretty cool sounding.

I really wanna buy an orange amp sometime in the future too ’cause the orange amp has a great sound.

I’d like to get a solid body electric guitar too. I have a hollow body electric but sometime I wanna buy a solid body with a whammy bar. I’d like to experiment and learn how to do whammy bar techniques.

I’d like to get more music gear and stuff but can’t afford it, right now. When I get a job and start working again, I’ll start saving for some of that stuff.


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