IOS 8 thoughts…

I have the Ipad 2. I don’t have an Iphone yet. I would like to get an Iphone but can’t afford one right now. Last night, I downloaded and installed the new IOS 8. It’s a massive update. They added tons of stuff. It took me a long while to get it installed and completed. I like the new updates.

I love how they finally added a “self timer” to the camera… that could be useful. When you take a photo of yourself, you can use the timer and you don’t have to hold the Ipad while taking a selfie.

I also like the new Podcast app they just up. I can start listening to Podcasts now and will. When I checked out the Podcast app, I immediately subscribed to WWE star Chris Jericho’s Podcast show and I subscribed to Glenn Beck’s show.

Could I start my own podcast show? With the new podcast app, it allows you to make your own podcast. I have a professional microphone for that so I’m all set to make my own podcast. What would my podcast show be about? Probably talk about the same stuff that I talk about on my site: movies, music, politics, things going on in the news, etc. I could do acoustic performances on it too. Not sure if I’ll start my own podcast show but it is a nice idea and thinking about it. It’ll be a no holds barred anything goes kind of show. Whatever’s on my mind, it’ll get said, just like I do on my blog.

Anyway, so far so good, no issues on the new IOS 8. Working great so far. However, I’m holding off on the new ICloudDrive. A lot of people have been warning us about the new ICloudDrive so I’m not gonna give that a try just yet. I don’t really need ICloudDrive anyways.

I think IOS 8 is pretty nice. Yeah, there are always gonna be complainers, whiners and haters accusing Apple of a lot of stuff but I have no issues with Apple. Like I said, I used to be against Apple but not anymore. Steve Jobs inspired me to become a proud Apple supporter.


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