“The Sacrament” brief review…


Last night on Netflix streaming, I finally gotten around to watching “The Sacrament”. It’s a found footage horror film about religious cults. It tells the story about two journalists who make a trip up to “Eden Parish” which is a small private area where a bunch of people live in this group with a guy named Father being the leader. At first, they didn’t seem like a religious cult until they realized it later.

I thought this film was pretty interesting. Religious cults is pretty scary and frightening stuff. I enjoyed this film ’cause it was actually pretty realistic and something like this can happen in real life. Well, something like this already did happen in real life as this story was inspired from the Jonestown Massacre. Remember, the Jim Jones cult leader? This is what this movie is. It’s a re-telling of the Jonestown Massacre. After watching this movie, makes me want to learn more about the Jonestown Massacre.

The content in “The Sacrament” film maybe very dark and controversial but I think it was meant to be. I think it intentionally re-told the story of the Jonestown Massacre ’cause this film wants to remind people that religious cults do exist. I’m sure they still exist to this day.

This film made it’s debut at Venice Film Festival last year but earlier this year it was only shown in a limited amount of theaters. This film is definitely worth checking out, though. If you don’t have Netflix streaming, give it a rent through Itunes or Amazon or where ever you watch your moves online.

I thought it was a pretty good film and it was actually scary.


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