New Netflix updates…

Welp, it’s a new month obviously and that means there are gonna be a bunch of new movies and TV show seasons for the Netflix streaming. I’m happy to see that Netflix finally updated “Sons of Anarchy – Season 6”. I know Sons of Anarchy is ending soon so I gotta catch up with Season 6. Netflix also finally added the second season of “The Following” w/ Kevin Bacon, that TV show thriller where Kevin Bacon’s character hunts down a cult leader. So it looks like I got some major catching up to do this fall.

Before I move on to those two shows, I still gotta finish the new Dr. Who. Just finished Season 5 of “Dr. Who” w/ Matt Smith as The Doctor and will start Season 6 sometime this weekend.

I really do love Netflix. It’s the best thing to happen to TV. I’ll admit, I have become a bit of a Netflix junkie but I don’t watch Netflix all day, though. I only watch Netflix at night. Netflix is a nice substitute for cable TV. I hate cable TV so Netflix is the way to go.

Just last weekend, I just watched “48 Hours” and “Another 48 Hours” both starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte and I forgot how great those movies are. They’re great films.

Love Netflix or hate them, they are changing TV.

I’ll never forget that when HBO first became the first movie channel for cable TV back in the 80’s, I used to think HBO was the greatest thing ever. Now Netflix is the new HBO if you know what I mean by that. Netflix is making history. They’re successful. Netflix is great and I’ll always support them.


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