6 album purchases this week…

So today, I decided to hit the mall for something to do and check out the film, “Gone Girl” which I will review right after this post. I purchased 6 music albums both digitally and on physical CD.

Here’s the list of albums I purchased this week:

  • Robert Plant “Lullaby and The Ceaseless Roar” (physical CD) – I told ya before I was gonna get this album and I did. I really enjoyed his “Rainbow” single and that was good enough for me to want to get the album. Even though I haven’t heard the album yet, I’m sure it is amazing.
  • Avenged Sevenfold “Hail To The King” (physical CD) – It took me a long while to get into these guys. At first I didn’t like them but over the years, I’ve read so much about this band through various music magazines. Mostly through Guitar World since this band is hyped a lot in that magazine. Chris Jericho the wrestler also talks about this band a lot so I figure eh, maybe I should have a change of heart with this band and actually listen to them? So I listened to a few of the band’s songs in youtube and ended up liking them a lot. I ended up buying their most popular album, “Hail to the King”. I’m sure it’s a good one.
  • Slash and Myles Kennedy “World on Fire” (digital) – I’m a huge fan of Slash’s solo career so I got the new album by him. I’m sure it rocks like always. I’ve been a huge fan of Slash’s guitar playing for years.
  • Joe Bonamassa “Different Shades of Blue” (digital) – I’ve been interested in Joe Bonamassa’s music for a long time and finally getting into him too. He’s one of the great blues players left these days. He really is a brilliant guitarist. Can’t wait to listen to this album which I will soon. Joe is coming to perform for us in Albany pretty soon which should be a kick ass show, I’d like to go to that show but won’t be able to.
  • Yes “Heaven & Earth” and “Fragile” (digital) – I’ve heard their songs on the radio over the years but never bought their albums. I’ve read a great interview with Steve Howe in Guitar World recently and that was good enough to make me want to get the new Yes album, “Heaven and Earth” so I bought it and downloaded it from Itunes. Along with it, I also bought their classic album, “Fragile”.

I’m planning to give all these albums a listen this weekend.


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