Happy Halloween…

Happy Halloween, y’all. I would have done a top horror film list like I do every year but I’m honestly getting kind of bored of those. It’s usually the same list every year so I’m gonna skip it this year.

Anyway, if you’re going out to party on Halloween or trick or treating with your kids or whatever… stay safe and behave. Don’t drink and drive either.

I’m not doing anything for Halloween tonight. Just gonna stay home and watch movies later this evening. I’ve got the “Need For Speed” movie coming in the mail from Netflix so I’m probably gonna watch that tonight and of course, I’ll watch a couple of horror films to celebrate the holiday.

I’m not going out tonight. I think going out to bars & clubs in costumes is pretty lame and childish. I did it last year and not gonna do it again, though. I think celebrating Halloween at home is better and much “safer”. You don’t have to worry about getting into fights with drunk idiots or getting hit on by drunk women, lol.

There is a certain band playing tonight but I made a vow to never support them again ’cause one of their members won’t treat me with respect like an adult when all I did was try to support their music and be a fan, I don’t wanna get into details.

So I’m gonna celebrate Halloween at home tonight. It’s better that way, I think.

Enjoy the day!!!


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