Once again, nobody cares about local award shows, the whole idea is silly…

We understand what you’re trying to do, dude but nobody cares about awards.That’s why nobody supports this garbage. On top of that bands and music artists around here doesn’t have the time for it ’cause most of them are too busy making music and playing their gigs.  We’re not worried about awards. Everybody also knows that this show is all for your conflict of interest, we’re not stupid, dude.

The only people that DO care about this garbage event are your little gang of friends and those few who live under the delusion of supporting the “scene” positively.

You guys live under the delusion of this show “selling out” when I predict you probably will get like 10 people showing up or less.

How come you guys never showed photos of the awards? What do the trophies look like? I challenge you to post a photo of the award.


9 thoughts on “Once again, nobody cares about local award shows, the whole idea is silly…”

    1. And it’s good that this TierOneTalent guy is actually admitting publicly that no one cares. Maybe he’s finally starting to get the hint.


  1. That’s actually one of the things that proved how unprofessional the entire thing is. If there were any sort of legitimacy to the event, he wouldn’t be publicly complaining about the lack of interest – he’d be using the talents he claims to have on the TierOne site to be handling it all behind the scenes. Speaks volumes to what services they provide to talent the represent.

    1. Yeah, pretty unprofessional to complain about the lack of interest of the event. I agree. I thought about going to this show myself out of curiosity and for laughs but I wouldn’t want to waste $12.50. The ticket pricing is also ridiculously overpriced… that’s another reason for the lack of interest.


      1. These guys also live under the delusion of doing something “very” positive for the music scene with this event when in reality, they’re disrespecting the music scene as a whole. They just want to pat themselves on the back. That’s all they want to do. They think they deserve the “respect” after all the stuff that they claim they did for the scene over the years and they expect us to pat them on the back and tell them “good job”. Not gonna happen. You can’t beg for “respect”, you gotta earn it.


  2. It appears to me that their motivation isn’t a pat on the back, but to attempt to gain business and establish their company under the guise of a community event.

    1. I agree, that’s a very good point too. I’ve said it before that he’s just using this event as a way to push his fraudulent company. Tier One Talent is not a real business. He’s been exposed as a fraud by some guy in facebook.


      1. Since they are not a real company, nobody has to worry about getting sued for slander/libel. This isn’t a company. Just a guy pretending to be a talent agency. If he’s pretending to be a talent agency, he’s breaking the law ’cause you need to get licensed in order to be a talent agent in NY State. This is true. Look it up.


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