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More truth of the Cammy Awards…

You wouldn’t believe how much it costs to put together an event like the Cammy Awards (http://www.thecammys.net/) at a venue called, The Linda in Albany. I just contacted the Linda in Albany via e-mail out of curiosity of their rental pricing of the venue. The fact is that anybody can have a show or an event at The Linda as long as you can pay their hourly rates. The owners doesn’t really go by the number of people attending the gig or how good/bad the show is. Anybody can rent The Linda as long you have that kind of money. Wanna know how much it costs hourly to rent the place?

I got a response from the venue back and they said it costs somewhere between $500 – $1000. As I predicted before… it’s not cheap. So to do the math, since the show starts at 5:00 p.m., it’ll probably go on ’til like late in the evening like 9 or 10 or later. So in all, the show is gonna cost them like several thousand dollars or more.

I really don’t think this Tier One Talent guy is paying for this all by himself. He’s definitely having some help with the budgeting of this show. I’m sure the show costs a lot more than the hourly rates. I’m sure they’ll have to pay to decorate the place, pay the bands and all that stuff.

The reason they want to have this event at The Linda is ’cause The Linda is like a theatre, I think. They clearly want this show to be like a mini-version of The Grammy’s like you see on TV.

In my opinion, they are wasting tons of money on a show that no one cares about.

According to the website, they say the nominations are supposed to be revealed on Dec. 15th which is next Monday. If your band or venue gets nominated… congratulations but don’t get so excited about it… I warn ya. Instead of the talented bands that matter around here winning the awards, they won’t win awards but instead Tier One’s Talent and his gang of friends will be winning awards. It’s gonna be the same bullshit like last year. They’re just a bunch of egomaniacs and attention whores trying to get recognized for what they do. They’re just a bunch of losers putting together their own award show so they can win themselves awards and show the Capital District how special and cool they are. I repeat, egomaniacs and people with delusions of grandeur. They are a bunch of people who are legends in their own minds.

When last year’s award show happened, I can’t tell you how many times I warned certain bands & musicians who were nominated and warned them not to trust this show but sure enough, they didn’t listen to me. They didn’t win the awards and they ended up getting disappointed. Same bullshit will happen this year.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tier One Talent guy shitty Alice In Chains tribute band, Sludge Factory is gonna get a few nominations, that’s probably why this guy stepped down from being in charge of promoting this show on the facebook page.

Don’t be naive, Capital District. Don’t support these people behind this bullshit event. I can’t wait to see the nominations next week. It’s gonna be a good laugh!!!


Once again, nobody cares about local award shows, the whole idea is silly…

We understand what you’re trying to do, dude but nobody cares about awards.That’s why nobody supports this garbage. On top of that bands and music artists around here doesn’t have the time for it ’cause most of them are too busy making music and playing their gigs.  We’re not worried about awards. Everybody also knows that this show is all for your conflict of interest, we’re not stupid, dude.

The only people that DO care about this garbage event are your little gang of friends and those few who live under the delusion of supporting the “scene” positively.

You guys live under the delusion of this show “selling out” when I predict you probably will get like 10 people showing up or less.

How come you guys never showed photos of the awards? What do the trophies look like? I challenge you to post a photo of the award.