The Cammy’s cancelled which doesn’t surprise me at all, good riddance, though!!!

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Due to a lack of support from our music community, it is with a heavy heart that we announce this years 2014 Capital Area Music Awards, scheduled for January 25, 2015, has been cancelled. We truly appreciate the support of so many people in the development stage. It is our sincere hope that someday we may join together for a night of musical community and unite as one! If you have purchased advanced tickets, refunds are available where tickets were purchased. Thanks you.” – Greg Gamache

If you wanna know why these guys behind “The Cammy’s” have been silent, here ya go. It doesn’t surprise me that the show will get cancelled due to “lack of support”. Why for the “lack of support”? It’s because no one cares about award shows. That’s not what we play music for to begin with. Everybody knows that last year’s award show was such a disaster and we didn’t want to go through it again this year. Plus, most importantly everybody knows that Dan of Tier One Talent is an egotistical piece of shit who wasn’t to be trusted at all. Everybody knows that you guys behind this garbage setup an award show so you can win yourselves awards ’cause you were that desperate for attention.

I’m sure these idiots didn’t get too many bands/musicians sending in their submissions hoping for a nomination… that could be part of the reason for the cancellation and also, lack of ticket sales is another reason. As you can see in Greg’s post about the cancellation, people are replying blaming the area which is inappropriate and unprofessional. You have no one else to blame but yourselves.

Hopefully, this award show goes away and stays away forever. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!! Celebrate! Shows over for them!!!!

Thank you for ignoring this show, Capital District! That’s why you guys, rock!!! \m/


15 thoughts on “The Cammy’s cancelled which doesn’t surprise me at all, good riddance, though!!!”

    1. I agree. In that post there are a few guys asking Greg to explain “lack of support”. I’m sure they won’t explain, though. They’ll never admit that this show was a huge failure on their part, yet they blame everyone else instead. Maybe if they left their ego at the door, then maybe more people would take it seriously.


  1. Hahahaha, this is just too good…. Greg just replied claiming the reason for the cancellation was that band submissions were terrible:

    “Submissions by bands were terrible. Dont take announcement the wrong way everyone. Im at work and will post when I can. Again, sorry this event had to cancelled.”

    Now he’s blaming bands now… idiot…


  2. Ya know, when you have an award show where bands can send in submissions themselves, of course, they’re gonna get terrible submissions or not many at all. The Grammy’s and the Golden Globes never did that. The bands sending in submissions was a dumb idea anyway. See? These guys will never admit that “lack of support” was their own fault.


    1. Greg just edited his comment, now he just said:

      “Submission numbers were suprising low. Dont take announcement the wrong way everyone. Submissions by bands is what makes this event. Im at work and will post when I can. Again, sorry this event had to cancelled.”

      “Surprising low”??? Why are you guys surprised of the low submission numbers? Even the bands know that this event was garbage anyways and most bands don’t play music to win awards. They play music to play gigs for their fans and do what they do. They don’t have time for silly award shows. These guys have serious delusions of grandeur, WOW!


  3. To be quite honest, I don’t think they’re telling the real truth that the real reason that the show has been cancelled is because of the lack of ticket sales or low band submissions.

    Just a couple of days ago, I have contacted The Linda venue via e-mail, warning them that the organizers are not to be trusted and I think it may have been possible that they have actually listened to me and pulled the plug on them.

    I think it’s possible that the venue themselves cancelled their show. It wasn’t Greg and Tier One’s decision but that’s just my observation, though.

    They are no longer on The Linda event calender:


  4. Coler should probably stop trying to pull off big events like this, it’s embarrassing, and people are embarrassed to be associated with him. Focus on promoting your goofy tribute bands. No one buys into the big-shot-music-industry-heavy-hitter charade, with offices in NYC, LA, and Nashville, some big partnership with Disney, etc. etc. He surrounds himself with a little gang of “yes men” who are all going through the same mid-life crisis and need to feel like rock stars. So they try to stage this big red carpet awards ceremony and expect other people to buy into this nonsense… then when no one else does, it’s everyone else’s fault for not showing support. Um, dude, if you actually organized an event people gave a shit about, and promoted it properly, people would support it. It’s not that the music community is apathetic, it’s that people in general are skeptical of bullshit. P.S. – I know a thing or two about promoting community and goodwill in the local music scene, having run CRUMBS for several years during what many people consider its heyday. I don’t generally go around announcing that, but in the case of this clown, who swaggers around like he’s king of the music scene, I feel it’s worth mentioning. I would advise Coler to quit giving himself a black eye and channel what credibility he has left into what he actually knows how to do successfully. Or, what the hell, keep fumbling around with these “world class” flops and see how long he’s able to maintain the charade, because it’s always fun for people to talk about.

    1. Great post, bro. I too know a few things about putting a community together ’cause I did exactly that when I used gig out but I never put together award shows or any kind of competitions, lol. When I used to gig out, I used to put together my own acoustic shows and would have like 4 or 5 other acts on the show. Like all those shows I did at Valentine’s and Cafe Lena’s. That’s how you put a community together positively, in my opinion. Just put on a show and have other bands & acoustic acts play each other songs.

      I’m sure Coler and his gang of “yes men” will come up with something else, though. What’s next? Battle of the Bands? A smaller version of “American Idol”? They’ll come up with something.


  5. I’m sorry, but I cannot view the Capital Region as having a music scene when all you have are cover bands…and the only bands who play original music are all hardcore bands full of guys who think they are alpha male tough guys just because they play distorted power chords. News flash, fellas: a geeky four-eyes like ME can play the same way. Doesn’t make me tough.

    Let’s get some more diverse original music around here again. THEN we will have a “scene.”

    1. I agree. In my opinion, I think Coler’s goal with “The Cammy’s” was that he wanted to push the tribute band scene out there more. That’s what all of this is about, in my opinion. Just his sneaky little way of promoting his shit Alice N’ Chains tribute band, Sludge Factory. I’m with you, though. I’m not a big fan of cover bands and tribute bands either. This Coler guy has an obsession with tribute bands and all he does is try to shove the tribute band scene in our faces.

      If you wanna perfect example of putting a local music community together, watch how Ralph Renna does it. Ralph knows what he’s doing. He promotes original music and he does a way better job than this fuckin’ Coler guy. Ralph always had my utmost respect. Fuck this Coler clown. Coler is just a Ralph Renna wannabe, I’m sure Ralph will be flattered of me saying this too.


      1. Yes, Ralph is all about the originals scene. You look at him and you think all he would like is that hardcore stuff, but I mean…he’ a fan of my music, NONE of which approaches hardcore. So you can’t judge a book by its cover. Yes, some cliches are true.

      2. Ralph likes all sorts of music, not just metal and hardcore. He supports all genres. Which is cool.


  6. You know what the sad part about all of this is? The sad thing is that Greg Gamache is just being used by Coler completely and Greg is not even realizing it. Greg seems like an alright guy… he shouldn’t be associating with those jackasses, in my opinion. Coler was just using Greg to promote this event for him.

    Why couldn’t Coler promote this event himself when he could have? I think it’s because Coler was gonna nominate his own tribute band, Sludge Factory and his fake company Tier One Talent in a few categories. Coler just didn’t wanna get caught winning himself awards when this is his show.

    Could that be the reason why they cancelled it?

    I wonder what the original winner results was gonna be? I’m also positive the winners were already chosen even before the nominees were gonna be revealed. I’m sure the winner results would have been the same bullshit like last year. Their group of “yes men” winning themselves awards and Coler himself possibly winning himself a few.


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