On top of that, to hell with Sony… why do people want ’em to release that movie now???

The hackers exposed Amy Pascal as a racist. They exposed them attacking celebrities and they exposed them thinking about suing Bill Murray and all kinds of crazy shit. They’ve been exposed as a shady company of what goes on behind the scenes. Yet, people still want them to release that movie? Who cares about Sony, yo. They kind of deserved what they’re getting anyways so fuck, Sony… let ’em suffer for all I care, ya know? Why are people calling them pussies when they have been pussies all along???

I’m not saying that the hackers are heroes for what they’ve done, I’m staying neutral on both of them. Who cares about Sony and who cares about that movie, “The Interview”, it doesn’t look that good anyways. Sony shouldn’t get the blame for this when the whole movie was Seth Rogen’s idea, he’s the one who created that story and he was one of the two directors.

Movie theaters across the US are pulling the movie ’cause they’re putting the people first… they’re putting us movie goers first. They care about movie fans and they just don’t want anything dangerous to happen to us. Sure, it may be possible that a terrorist attack on movie theaters won’t happen but ya never know, it could. It’s just a smart thing to do, ya know? Just my opinion. You can’t always be the, “Oh, I don’t think it’s gonna happen” type. You just never know if you go into the theater and the building explodes or planes fly into the buildings. Absolutely that stuff can happen, quit being so fuckin’ naive. Better to be safe than sorry. Movies delaying the film is all part of business too.

I’m just being realistic here ’cause that’s what I’m all about on my site.


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