I don’t agree with Kate Upton being the “Sexiest Woman Alive”… thumbs down…

Man, fuck People magazine. Kate Upton is just a plastic barbie doll with breast implants. She’s just a blonde like all the others. I’m not a big fan of those kind of women. Blondes don’t really do it to me ’cause they all look the same.

Give me a hot brunette or a redhead and I’ll be happy.


8 thoughts on “I don’t agree with Kate Upton being the “Sexiest Woman Alive”… thumbs down…”

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I would date a blonde girl if the opportunity ever came up… I wouldn’t avoid dating them completely ’cause as long they are a cool person, hair color shouldn’t matter right? I just like brunettes and redheads more.


    1. Not really. Photoshopped and airbrushed. Not my kind of thing. That’s why I don’t look at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues or look at nudie magazines anymore. You wanna see hot chicks go to a rock band show, a party, a nightclub or a strip joint. To hell with them fake plastic women.


      1. With that being said, I prefer natural women. Women with full of plastic surgery and implants turns me off.


    1. Not all strippers are full of plastic surgery. It all depends on what strip club you go. Strip clubs in L.A. will be full of plastic women, absolutely but strip clubs in smaller cities would have natural women.

      I’ve been to a strip club once a long time ago. It was more of a gentlemen’s club than a strip club. There was no topless girls at the one I went to in Albany once. It was fun getting lap dances and stuff, though. I’ll never forget that night. I don’t think I would go to a strip club ever again, though. Why pay money for lap dances when you can get that for free with any woman? HA!

      Truthfully, there are beautiful and hot women everywhere you go.


  2. With that being said, I don’t think Kate Upton is all that hot. She maybe average, I guess. I think the only reason she’s popular is because of her large tits. Yeah, it’s definitely possible that women can have large tits naturally and that’s what I prefer more.

    I don’t think those tits are natural, they can’t be. It’s always been debatable on whether or not Kate had plastic surgery or breast implants ’cause it’s never been proven but it’s my opinion that she got both of those. She can’t be natural at all. I don’t see anything special about Kate.

    Admittedly there are blonde supermodels and blonde celebrities that I like, just not Kate. Kate is overrated as hell… I’m sick of seeing her everywhere.


    1. Anyway, if you guys think Kate is hot, did you see Kate’s nude leaked photos? Google ’em. Trust me, she’s not really “all that” without the photoshop and airbrushing. She’s not that sexy at all. I can name tons of other celebrity women who are way more hotter than her. She doesn’t deserve the sexiest woman title at all. There are better out there. Quit defending her.


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