If I were to make my debut album someday…

I have never made my debut album yet ’cause I used to believe that CD duplication would be pretty expensive. Not really. I just started doing some research on CD duplication online and I found some sites where you can make professional CD covers that are pretty affordable. There are CD duplication sites out there where you can make album covers for 300 copies for about $500 or a little less. This is for those who have a small budget, though.

Yeah, I definitely wanna make my first album someday in the future. All I would need to make is like 300 copies ’cause it’s not like I’m gonna sellout a lot of copies, ya know?

I refuse to crowd fund through Kickstarter and all that shit, that’s not me, ya know? I just learned that CD Duplication pricing is not all that bad. I’m just gonna pay for the CD duplication from the pockets of my own money by saving up for it. That’s how it’s done. If you’re begging money from people, you’re doing it wrong, in my opinion. I have nothing against other bands & musicians doing crowd funding. If others wanna do it, that’s their prerogative. Not for me, ya know?

Making my first record is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m not gonna record it in a professional studio. It’s gonna be homemade. I’ll record it, produce, mix it and master it all by myself.

If I were to make my first record, what kind of music would be on it? Probably mostly rock n’ roll. I’ll still do acoustic songs and ballads too, though.

I do wanna make an album to sell physical copies and to release online through Itunes/Spotify and everywhere else I can think of. Of course, I’ll try to sell copies at the gigs ’cause I’m gonna wanna play a few gigs in support of it.

I would like the album to be full band stuff. Would I be working with MIDI or have real musicians? I would like to have real musicians on it if possible. I want the album to have big riffs, tight rhythms, long guitar solos (improvised), etc.

I’m not gonna make an album right away… just sometime down the road. I’m sure people who are actual fans of my music are probably wanting an album from me. I would like to make it happen for them. Someday it will.


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