Just purchased 5 albums from Itunes…

I haven’t purchased albums from Itunes in a while ’cause I was trying to save some cash for all that recording gear. So I figure I would grab some more albums from Itunes…

Here’s what I picked up:

– Al Di Meola “Casino”
– Al Di Meola “Flesh On Flesh”
– Dream Theater “Images and Words”
– Queensrysche “Empire”
– Joan Jett & The Black Hearts “Greatest Hits”

I’ve got the Queensryche album “Empire” ’cause I’ve always loved the song “Silent Lucidity”. I’ve always wanted that album for a long time so since it was $5.99 in Itunes, I thought, “Hell yeah, I’ll get that one”.

I keep getting more Al Di Meola music ’cause his music is addicting to me.

The question you have to ask is do I feel guilty buying a lot of music? OH HELL FREAKIN’ NOOO!!! Listening to music is a huge part of who I am. Music is what I do. It’s my life. Whether playing my own music or listening to others music, I’m happy. I’ve been collecting a lot of music since I was a kid in high school and still do to this day. It’s what I do.

Supporting music is good for ya, support the artists ’cause they need it. To me, it’s important to listen to as much music as possible.


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