Once again, don’t believe all the lies from people claiming they won’t see, “50 Shades of Grey”, you know they’re gonna flock to see it anyway…

HA! There’s predictably a lot of trash talking and hate toward the “50 Shades of Grey” film that just came out today. People already making claims that they won’t see it. Why are people hating on “50 Shades” movie? Is it because they are scared of BDSM or afraid to admit that they are interested in BDSM or a little bit of both?

I’ve read the “50 Shades” book and really didn’t like it all that much myself. Women claimed the book was hot and steamy but from a man’s perspective, I didn’t think the book was hot and steamy at all. If you want hot and steamy erotic stories, you’re not gonna find that in “50 Shades”… there are tons of erotica stories out there. Even though I didn’t care for the “50 Shades” book, I do appreciate E.L. James on trying to bring sex and bondage to the mainstream, though. That I can respect her for.

I’m actually thinking about seeing the movie in theater but not this weekend. Maybe sometime next week. Hell, maybe the movie will be better than the book? I’ll have to see for myself. Seeing the movie in theater could be an opportunity to check out all the ladies going to see it.

So far, the film is getting mixed reviews. Some love it and some hate it. There are even men saying that they liked the film as well. Maybe I will check it out for myself. Don’t know.

People think “50 Shades” is gonna be a box office failure but I don’t think so. It’s gonna be a hit and it’s already smashing records. Maybe I should re-read the first book ’cause I still have it on my Ipad.

I’m probably gonna check it out this coming Tuesday when I go pick up “Games of Thrones Season 4” on DVD that day, hopefully. Tuesdays are $6.00 at the Movies and I’ll be using a gift card so I won’t have to worry about whether the “50 Shades” film is gonna suck or not but we’ll wait and see.

Things like “50 Shades” comes out ’cause people are interested in sex and erotica type stuff so don’t blame Hollywood for bringing this stuff to you ’cause you’re the one that helped support it to begin with.


2 thoughts on “Once again, don’t believe all the lies from people claiming they won’t see, “50 Shades of Grey”, you know they’re gonna flock to see it anyway…”

  1. My big problem with 50 shades is that equates BDSM with rape fantasies. Does a big disservice to those who are into BDSM when they’re all about consent and communication, whereas 50 shades was all about dominating and coercing a largely unwilling partner.

    I agree the book is poorly written and not really erotic, either.

    1. With all of this talk of BDSM, I’ll confess that it got me interested in wanting to try it myself but of course, I’ll have to find myself a lady to do that stuff with first… hehehe…


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