V-Tines Day, not a good day for singles…

Aaaaaaah V-Tines Day, a holiday that couples love and people who are single hate! I hear them, though. It’s another lonely V-Tines Day for me too and hopefully it’s gonna be the last and I’ll have a girlfriend for next year’s V-Tines hopefully.

I’m sure people are expecting a V-Tines write-up about dating and relationships and stuff so I thought I would make it a brief post.

Ya know, to get the partner of your dreams, you don’t really need to go through all that PUA bullshit in youtube to learn how. You don’t need to waste money on dating lessons from those online gurus. What I find funny about all this PUA crap you see online is that they make you go through all this Step-by-Step nonsense when you don’t really need to go through all that. They make this “dating” thing seem difficult for ya and it seems like it’s a lot of work. I’m not knocking all of it, though, some of those dating guru lessons actually helped me some. Some of the dating guru stuff online works and some of it doesn’t. In reality, you don’t really need to go through all that. I just did it for research and stuff, ya know?

It can’t be that hard to go up to talk to women ’cause they aren’t gonna bite ya know? Women are usually pretty easy to talk to. Just be confident, don’t be so needy, don’t rush things and you should do fine. That’s what I learned. You don’t have to go through silly “openers” and all that garbage when all you need is to simply be yourself. What’s wrong with being yourself? Those dating gurus just try to force you to change of who you are and you don’t want that.

I’ll get myself a woman at some point. Just need to find someone who will accept me for who I am. Someone who will like me for me, ya know what I mean? There are a bunch of doubters who think I won’t get one but there is somebody for everyone, that’s a fact.

My dream girl is someone with similar interests and hobbies. She should share my passion for music and movies. Political views? Her political views doesn’t matter to me. I’ll date a liberal woman, sure, why not? As long as she can accept me for my conservative views I’ll accept hers too but it’ll be nice if I can find a “conservative” woman too, though! Age don’t really matter to me but I prefer to date women my around own age or a little older.

I’m not gonna do internet dating and not gonna do long distance relationships either, I don’t think. I prefer local women around this area. I’m 38 now and the goal is to get in a relationship with a special someone before I turn 40. She doesn’t have to be hot and beautiful; although, that would be nice. I’m not too worried about the looks like most guys are.

Some people make this ridiculous claim that “love” will find you if you stop looking. Well, I did exactly that and “love didn’t find me so I find that claim ridiculous. I think people just say that so you won’t feel bad for being single but whatever. If you want love, you gotta go out there and get it yourself. It doesn’t really fall in your lap.

I’ll get somebody at some point. It just takes time and patience to find the right match and to find someone who will accept me for who I am. Yeah, I’m probably gonna run into a lot of bad women like users, controllers, gold diggers and cheaters but you gotta get rid of the bad ones until you find the one who is perfect for you, I guess that’s what it takes.

I should have no problem getting someone ’cause I know women enjoy talking to me and not sure why. I just gotta have balls, ask for her phone number and ask her out which shouldn’t be all that hard.

I enjoy most holidays but like some, yeah, V-Tines sucks.


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