New videoblog will be coming and it will be about Obama’s so-called Patriotism…

Now that Obama’s un-patriotic presidency have finally gotten out there, a huge debate sparked online whether Obama loves America or not. Well, I think it’s a pretty good idea that I should join in on this debate by making a youtube video about me describing everything in detail of how Obama hates America. Maybe it’ll help give people an idea of why Rudy Giuliani said what he said. I know Rudy is backing down now which he shouldn’t have… he’s bowing down to Obama supporters like a coward and he was doing so good, I’m so disappointed in him.

My video rant about Obama’s so called patriotism has the potential to go viral. I’m hoping but if not… at least I got the word out. It’s gonna be another video that liberals and Obama supporters aren’t gonna like at all but the truth needs to be said.

It’ll come soon and I’m gonna start writing the script for it today.


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