Man, I really like videoblogging for youtube. I think I’m definitely gonna try to do it a lot more this year. Notice how videoblogging is becoming the next big thing? Why? Simply because speaking on video is a great way to speak your mind on things. It’s a great way to rant. Get things off of your system. It’s good for people to hear you speak your mind on things by your speaking voice instead of a typed text on a blog. That’s pretty much why videoblogging is becoming a big deal these days.

That last video I put out, the one about that Top Ten list turned out okay except… I should have moved my face a little more to the left if I’m gonna use “Picture In picture”. My face was behind the “picture and picture” and I should have moved over a little more so you can see my face. I’ll keep that in mind next time.

I was also trying to loop the background music in Pinnacle Studio but couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’ll figure it out though so you can’t tell that the track is being played over and over. The background music was just a quick thing I did with cellos in garageband. Look like I’ll have to loop it in garageband.

Videoblogging is fun but it’s kind of challenging to do. You can tell that I try my best to try to speak every word clearly and perfectly as I can which takes a lot of practice. Took me a lot of takes to get it right.

I’m pretty new at the videoblogging bandwagon but I’ll get the hang of it and get better at it.


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