RIP: A.J. Pero 1959 – 2015


The legendary 80’s metal band, Twisted Sister, announced their longtime drummer, AJ Pero just passed away. AJ was also a member of the band, Adrenaline Mob

It is unknown how the drummer died at this time ’cause as you can see both bands are not revealing anything as of this moment. The Adrenaline Mob facebook says he passed away in his sleep on the tour bus.

A sad loss in music. He was an important part of Twisted Sister and his drumming for that band was pretty memorable. He’s one of those drummers where he can make memorable drum patterns that stick in your head especially the opening drum intro for the song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” (listen to track below).

Twisted Sister have been my heroes for many years. They were the reason I got into rock n’ roll music. The drums of Twisted Sister was a huge part of that got me into the band.



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