Aimee Osbourne starts her own music career without the help of “The Osbournes” TV show…

When the Osbourne family did their reality show for “The Osbournes” on MTV (which only lasted for 3 seasons), the rest of the Osbourne family became famous ’cause of the show. Sharon, Kelly, and Jack became famous and they got a huge career boost with the help of their show. Kelly started a music career of her own and Jack Osbourne started his own record label. However, there is one more Osbourne in the family that refused to be part of “The Osbournes” TV show and that is Aimee Osbourne. Why did she refuse to be a part of the show? Well, she didn’t feel comfortable being a part of fame and Hollywood. She wanted to get fame but NOT in that way. She didn’t want to get fame that quick. She wanted to get fame the real way and take her time with it. She just didn’t want to get fame the same way Ozzy and the rest of the family got fame.

So it looks like Aimee is coming out with an album of her own and here is her first single in the video below. The song “Raining Gold” is pretty nice. I actually dig it.

What Aimee did here was awesome and she’s such an inspiration for it. That’s how you get fame is start off small and make your way up to it. Not get quick easy fame like the rest of the Osbournes did. She got a career the real and honest way. That’s being humble and respectful.

Wish other music artists can learn from Aimee on how to get fame instead of using reality TV and all of these garbage music competitions (like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, etc.) to get quick easy fame.

Back in the 60’s and up to the early 90’s, it was very hard to get fame but these days it seems to be very easy which is sad.


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