Venom’s new album, “From the Very Depths”, one of the best metal albums I heard in a long time…

In this month’s Guitar World magazine, they had a 4 or 5 page article on this Black Metal band called, Venom. They did it to promote their new album, “From the Very Depths”. After reading the article, I became intrigued with the band. So I decided to buy and download their new album, “From the Very Depths” in Itunes and gave the album a listen this morning. I was very surprised with it. I actually enjoyed the album quite a bit and think it’s one of the best metal albums I heard in a long time. It’s black metal and all the songs on it are nothing but devil worship. Yeah, most of the songs are about loving and appreciating Satan but still the album is really cool. I dig the vocals, the guitar riffs and the album is pretty listenable.

This is why I love Guitar World magazine. They help turn me onto bands I never heard before and that’s why I read that magazine. I’ve been reading Guitar World magazine for over 20 years and still loyal to that magazine today. It’s the best guitar magazine out there.

Give the album a listen here if you dig metal. I’ve been getting into a lot of metal lately. To be honest, I listened to metal and heavy music my whole life. People find it weird ’cause I don’t have the look. I just enjoy the music. I used to never be into death metal and black metal but I’m just starting to get into that stuff and starting to like it. Death metal and black metal isn’t all that bad, really.


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