Why I’m trying to improve my ear as a guitar player…

Pretty much the only reason I’m trying to improve my ear as a guitar player is just so I can learn how to play what I hear in my head. I’m always hearing music and songs in my head everywhere I go and I’m trying my best to get better at improvisation so I can learn how to write songs better that way. I also wanna be able to jam with other bands and musicians without any fear.

When you master the art of improvisation, you’ll be able to play pretty much anything and everything. That’s the kind of guitar player I wanna be and I’m getting there too.

Here’s an interesting article explaining the whole thing:


I wanna be the type of guitarist you hear in jam bands like Phish or the Allman Brothers and those progressive rock bands. I want to be an improvising kind of guitarist.

I just wanna learn how to be able to play anything and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get there for years ever since I picked it up 20 years ago.

The only way to master improvisation is memorizing the sounds of the notes and the keys. Improvising is not that hard… you just gotta practice at it. Although, music theory is your choice to learn… music theory would help too and I’ve been learning a lot of that as well.


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