I think “Saw” is the greatest horror movie franchise, love this series so much!! WOW!!!

In the past, I’ve only seen the first “Saw” film which is an amazing film and a masterpiece for sure. I haven’t seen all the other “Saw” flicks until now. I’ve watched the first three on Netflix streaming and so far, I’m very impressed with these films. I never watched the other “Saw” films ’cause I thought they would be the same to me, just a bunch of people playing a game just to survive. Turns out the series is more than just that.

The storytelling in this franchise is actually very intelligent and thought provoking!

We have horror film franchises such as “Friday the 13th”, “Halloween”, “Nightmare on Elm St.”, “Child’s Play”, etc. All of ’em are great, don’t get me wrong but I think “Saw” is the best of them all.

I think Tobin Bell is a badass. Tobin’s character John Kramer & Jigsaw maybe evil and totally psychotic and messed up but Kramer is actually a pretty likeable villain.

I’m trying to watch all 7 Saw films. Netflix only has the first four available through streaming but I’m gonna have to rent the other three on DVD. I might even forget about watching them through Netflix and just buy the complete Saw series on BluRay boxset, I probably will.

“SAW” is an excellent franchise though. Most slasher films don’t have a plot but all of the “SAW” movies do have a plot which helps make them watchable. I’m probably gonna watch “SAW IV” later tonight. Now I understand why the SAW franchise is so popular.


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