Kate Beckinsale to reprise her role as Selene for “Underworld 5″…

It’s great news that Underworld 5 is on the way. I’m a huge fan of these movies and love the previous 4 even “Rise of the Lycans” was great. I agree with most people that the characters Michael Corvin and Eve should both return. I love the “Underworld” movies ’cause they tell good stories and the action is fun as hell! I don’t like how a lot of horror movies try to mix action and horror together but the Underworld does a great job of that. I’m sure in the next movie we’ll see a lot of action, CGI and 3D effects. I’m a big fan of the Underworld franchise so I’ll be looking forward to the next one for sure! The first “Underworld” movie will always be the best one, though.



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