Video: How to deal with women with mood swings…

Yeah this is a dating advice video but I thought it’s another one worth posting. It’s not only helpful for myself but it could also be helpful for you guys who have women in your life.

When you meet women, not all women are gonna be friendly & nice 24/7. You’re gonna meet some women with temper tantrums and you’re also gonna meet women who gets cryin’ too easily all the time. Yeah, you’re definitely gonna run into some drama queens. If I ever meet a woman like that (I’ve already had a few times before), I guess I shouldn’t take it personally ’cause I guess a relationship that is positive all the time would be kind of boring, hey? I guess a woman with a temper tantrum could make a relationship kind of interesting and adventurous? I guess I have to learn how to put up with a little drama instead of being quick to dump her, ya know? Women may seem pretty mean but maybe she’s just doing it just to make the relationship more interesting and less boring like this guy said. I know a lot of women can be pretty dramatic, I gotta learn to put up with it if I wanna become a “man”.

This is a video worth listening to so check it out.


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