Album purchases from Itunes today…

Well today, I just purchased 5 albums from the Itunes store… this time I got:

  • Al Di Meola “Elysium” – I just got the new album by Al Di Meola that he just put out. I listened to it in Spotify already and it’s really good. The album was a little over priced ($15.99) but I had to get it. Such a great album. I think it’s his best yet.
  • Grateful Dead “Shakedown Street” and “Wake of the Flood” – I’ve seen that Itunes brought the prices down on all the Grateful Dead albums for $6.99. Probably part of the reason is to help celebrate the final Dead concerts and to celebrate their 50th anniversary. So I got two Dead albums. I love the Grateful Dead and wanna start getting more of their music.
  • Joe Satriani “Flying In a Blue Dream” – Another album from the Satch. Trying to collect all of his albums too.
  • Opeth ” Deliverance” – Since I’ve been listening to Opeth a lot on Spotify, I just had to get an album of theirs so I have one of my own so I picked “Deliverance” which is my favorite album I’ve heard of theirs so far. All of their music is great, though. Gonna start collecting their music ’cause I’m impressed by this band. My new addiction.

Also, I just successfully subscribed to the 3 free month trial of Apple Music. I’m gonna try that out to see if I like it or not. If I like it enough, I might stick with Apple Music instead of Spotify but I’ll make a decision soon. I’ll write an honest review of Apple Music soon.


One thought on “Album purchases from Itunes today…”

  1. I just sent back the Joe Satch and the Opeth albums since you can listen to them in Apple Music anyways. I also deleted Spotify off of my Ipad.

    I’m pretty impressed with Apple Music so I think I’m definitely gonna stick with them. More on this in another post.


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