Hmmm, Apple won’t let me sync Apple Music albums to my Ipod Touch…

Today, I tried syncing a few albums I wanted to check out to my old Ipod Touch but it won’t let me. It will only let me sync albums I bought from the Itunes store but they won’t let you sync albums downloaded from Apple Music. Ah well, if I want to listen to Apple Music on the go, I’m gonna have to buy a recent edition of the Ipod Touch, the latest version so I can get Apple Music on it. I read somewhere you can get Apple Music on the Ipod Touch but only the newer versions.

So I should probably get the Ipod Touch 5th Generation and I could get a 32 GB player for $250 which isn’t bad.

Maybe next time I win the jackpot at the Bingo games, I’ll definitely buy one then. Yeah, I’ve been going to Bingo games on a weekly basis for a while now hoping to win some extra cash. I did win the jackpot once before and hoping to win it again. I did win a couple of Bingo games. I go to Bingo ’cause it’s fun and something to do, ya know? I just hope to win some extra cash for myself. When I win the jackpot again, I’ll buy myself a new Ipod touch. Bingo is tough but you win out of luck, it’s kind of like the lottery.

I think it’s time for a new Ipod Touch ’cause honestly, I don’t like the one I have now ’cause it’s an older edition, the 4th edition.


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