Maybe I should listen to all of Kiss’s music, I probably will…

Over the years, I wasn’t much of a fan of that band, Kiss. I was mostly into the Ace Frehly era. That’s the era that I preferred but I listened to two of Kiss’s albums last night. I listened to their first 1974 self-titled debut and listened to their “Dressed to Kill” album. Both are really good! Ace Frehley is one of my favorite guitarists of all time and I like his solo work too. I should listen to all the other eras of Kiss too. I’m planning to listen to all of their albums. All of Kiss’s albums are on Apple Music/Itunes for streamable except for their 2009 album, “Sonic Boom”. That’s probably because “Sonic Boom” is not available in Itunes in the USA.

I should listen to all of Kiss’s music and I’m about to start this week. Kiss has always been a great band, I just preferred their earlier stuff but I should check out their newer material too and I will. I just put all of Kiss’s studio albums in my Apple Music library and put in a few live albums of theirs too: Alive, Alive II, Alive III, and Kiss MTV Unplugged.

I’ve read so much about Kiss over the years. Read plenty of their interviews in many music magazines and I’ve read Ace’s book, “No Regrets” so I should get into the band more. Yeah, both Gene and Paul have extremely large egos but they are undeniably talented, though.


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