Yep, I think I’m a huge fan of KISS now…

All last week, I’ve been listening to all Kiss albums on Apple Music. I listened to most of them. The only albums I got to listen to left are “Psycho Circus”, “Monster”, “KISS: Gene Simmons”, “KISS: Ace Frehley”, “KISS: Paul Stanley” and “KISS: Peter Criss”. I also got to listen to the live albums: “Alive I”, “Alive II”, “Alive III” and I will listen to all these next week.

In the past, I wasn’t much of a Kiss fan. I was only big on the Ace Frehley era. I’m beginning to realize that KISS is a pretty amazing band and I understand now on why they matter. What are my favorite albums by KISS?

Well, I’m gonna finish listening to the rest of their discography and then I’ll list my top ten. I would have to say though that “Carnival of Souls” would have to be one of their best even though Ace Frehley is not on that album. Still a kick ass album. All their music kicks ass. I love it all, really.

So I guess you can finally officially consider me as part of the KISS Army. KISS Army as what the band calls their fans. I’ve read so much about KISS over the years so I figure that I would finally listen to them.

I’m also planning to read this Paul Stanley book pretty soon. Didn’t buy his book yet but I will. I got several other books to read first, though then I will get to this one:

Kiss is a pretty phenomenal band and I don’t understand why people would hate them. This band too goes to different directions in their music. Love ’em or hate ’em, Gene and Paul are very talented musicians. They’re geniuses I must say.

I hope they make a new record soon ’cause it’s been a while.



One thought on “Yep, I think I’m a huge fan of KISS now…”

  1. Actually, I just bought Paul Stanley’s memoir, “Face the Music: A Life Exposed” for the Ipad. Went to look for it in the IBooks store and they priced Paul Stanley’s book for $6.99. I saw that I had some cash left from the gift card so I’m like, “Hell yeah!”. Can’t say no to a price like that.

    I’ve read Ace Frehley’s book, “No Regrets” and soon I’m gonna read Paul Stanley’s book. I got other books to read but I’ll get to Paul’s book soon.

    It’s amazing how much I love Kiss now. I now hope to get my chance to see them live in concert.


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