Picked up 5 more albums from the Itunes store today…

Yeah, I know I buy a lot of music but I can’t help myself, ya know? Music is who I am and what I do. Whether listening to it or playing my own instrument, it’s who I am. I won a little extra cash from Bingo last night and decided to get one of those Itunes gift cards to purchase more music from the store. Yeah, I could listen to albums through Apple Music but Apple Music won’t let you sync albums for Ipod Touch 4’s. You’ll have to purchase the album yourself if you want it for yourself. That’s why if I listen to an album I liked a lot in Apple Music, I’ll buy my own copy. Apple Music is kind of like a rental video store a little bit.

So here are the albums I picked up today:

Slayer “Repentless” and “Diabolus in Musica”: I streamed the new Slayer album on Apple Music this morning and loved it! The new Slayer album that just came out today is surprisingly good even if the band no longer has Jeff Hanneman and Dave Lombardo in the lineup anymore. They still kill it and they still sound like Slayer! I also got another one of their older albums, “Diabolus In Musica”. Yeah, I’m a huge fan of Slayer. So far, I own 6 albums of theirs but I can listen to the rest of their albums on Apple Music.

Kiss “(1974 self titled debut)” and “Dressed To Kill”: I’ve gotten into Kiss now so I picked up two of their classic albums so I can have on my Ipod and listen to them on the go while working out or whatever.

Joni Mitchell “Both Sides Now”: I just started listening to Joni Mitchell albums. Listened to like 4 or 5 of them so far. So far, my favorite is “Both Sides Now” so I had to get my own copy. Beautiful album. Even if Joni’s music is pretty mellow, her music is pretty amazing stuff ’cause I love her singing. Her music is pretty relaxing too. Sometimes you gotta listen to slow and relaxing music ’cause it’s not good to listen to loud rock music all the time.

There you go. Enjoy the list.


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