When new couples start dating, be ready for a lot of drama & soap opera stuff in facebook…

One thing I have been noticing that has been happening a lot lately in facebook is that when new couples start dating and they confirm their relationship publicly in facebook, a lot of times I would see an all out soap opera war with their friends and family members. It usually happens when people switch their status from “single” to “In a relationship”. Then you would have to get forced to read all of their drama in facebook. Is that the whole purpose of facebook? To start drama and Jerry Springer soap opera stuff? It really seems like it. When new couples form in facebook, sometimes they do get positive responses and sometimes they get negative responses.

Why is it when couples confirm their relationship in social networking, a heated war breaks out publicly?

It just goes to show that a lot of people out there can be jealous of other couples. Jealousy is all it is pretty much. They usually respond in a jealous rage. I’ve been seeing this more and more in facebook. Their ex’s trying to get revenge and all that stuff.

Even though I prefer to stay out of that drama, it is entertaining as hell to read, though. So when that stuff happens just break out the popcorn and get ready.

When new couples form, I would see a lot of women attacking the guy for getting the new girl ’cause they probably want to date him themselves, ya know? That’s what it is. You would see all kinds of women accusing this guy of being a cheater and all that crazy stuff. Sometimes other men would even attack the girl for getting a new man as well. Jealousy all around, gotta love it.

I don’t know why people get themselves into this mess. Drama and gossiping, you get the deal. I’m not interested in any of that drama. Leave me out. Which gets me thinking that if I ever start dating women myself, this soap opera stuff could happen to me. People are really weird and crazy, I tell ya.

When you get yourself in a committed relationship and happy, you gotta ignore all the negative and jealous people. Block ’em off of facebook and eliminate drama queens from your life… problem solved. Never allow people to ruin things for you.


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