Lingerie model with no legs… damn, I’d date her for sure!

Kanya Sesser is a young lingerie model from California who makes a living looking sexy for photos. She makes pretty good money doing it too.

More here…

Now that’s what I call being brave and courageous! Not some idiot named Bruce Jenner who just put on a woman’s dress, HA!

Anyway, I wonder why you don’t see this Kanya Sesser story all over the mainstream news when it should be? We need more positive and inspirational stories like this. Anybody can become a model… it doesn’t matter who you are. Even I could become one despite my scoliosis that I have. Not sure if I’ll do some model work at this age, though, HA!

I’d totally date this chick for sure. This chick makes me want to feel more confident with myself with the way I look, my scoliosis which is something I have to live with. It still gives me the confidence to look sexy, big and strong by getting into bodybuilding. At least, I’m not afraid to get half naked in front of people anymore like I used to be.

Anyway, she’s an inspiration and I’d totally date her for sure. Like they all say, I’d hit it!


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