Book Review: “How to Talk to a Liberal (If Must)” by Ann Coulter…

I’m starting to read Ann Coulter books and I’m glad I did. Her writing is very entertaining and addicting to read. The first book I’ve read of hers was “How to Talk to a Liberal (If Must)” which is an instructional “How To” book that teaches you how to battle liberals and win. It was a long book but I finally finished it. Apparently this “left vs. right” war have been going on long before the Obama admin. However, the “right vs left” wasn’t as bad back in those days. This “right vs. left” war has gotten much worse under Obama, though, no doubt about that. Obama definitely did make it worse.

Anyway back to this book, I enjoyed reading Anne’s writing. This book is a collection of her columns she wrote over the years to call out all the liberal bias in things. There’s a lot of funny and humorous stories. Some of the stories she tells will make you laugh and I was entertained throughout this book. It was pretty informative and insightful. Makes me want to read more Ann Coulter novels and I will. I bought another Ann Coulter novel for the Ipad which is her latest book,, “Adios, America” and I’m about to read that one next. She’s an interesting lady and I’m a fan of hers now.


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