Why bars & clubs aren’t the greatest places to meet women, in my opinion…

Picking up women at bars & clubs aren’t always the best, in my opinion. Why? Well for one, loud music and it’s definitely difficult to have an intimate conversation with her ’cause you have to scream and yell in order to hear each other over the loud music. Can’t stand it. Secondly, she’s gonna be either really drunk, stoned on pot or a little bit of both. The same goes for house parties, ya know?

I usually don’t go to bars or clubs at all but if I had to it would be to go see a local band that I like or if I get dragged in with friends. Anyway, the bar and club scene would be a good excuse to help build your confidence in approaching women which is what I pretty much use them for if I had to go to them. They can be a good practice tool for the pickup scene which is what it could be good for but I wouldn’t take a girl home from a bar, though. I’m not into the “one-night” stand thing at all.

I would rather pick up chicks at non-alcoholic environments. Places that don’t involve alcohol like Coffee houses, the library, the gym, the mall and places like those. It’s better meeting a girl who isn’t drunk ’cause she’ll remember who you are and she’ll understand what she’s saying most of the time.

I’m just not a big fan of the bar & club scene at all. You don’t need to pick up chicks at bars ’cause there are chicks everywhere you look and everywhere you go. I don’t know why people rely on bars & clubs for the dating scene. There are other options. You just gotta look and explore.


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