When talking to women, you want to avoid the negative and dramatic ones… avoid ’em at all costs…

Whenever you start talking to women online or offline, I would avoid talking to women who get all negative & dramatic right away. Meaning that they could start giving you all kinds of problems right away… ya know, things like women complaining to you about their ex’s and things like that. When women start saying stuff like, “My ex cheating on me” and things like that… those are the ones you wanna avoid.

Warning signs that she could be bad news.

The goal in dating and meeting women is that you want to get someone who is positive and joyful, ya know? If you’re getting into fun conversations that are positive and joyful that could be the one for you.

Weed out all the bad ones and only focus on the good ones. I will only focus on the good ones.

I hate it when women come to me with their problems and being all negative and dramatic right away. It does happen sometimes. I want a woman who is positive, joyful and happy, ya know? Those are the ones you wanna go for.

Not all women are gonna be positive and joyful, just one thing to keep in mind. Some will have some pretty bad attitudes and will seem pretty grumpy.

I’ve had women trying to pursue a relationship with me and right away, they start giving me problems. Just take her out of your life right away and move on to the next one. I want a nice girl, not one who seems to be in a bad mood all the time.




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