The original Kiss lineup is the greatest of all time!

After listening to every Kiss album on Apple Music, I can see why a lot of musicians are so inspired by this band. They inspired me too. While I pretty much enjoy every Kiss album and every era, nothing will top the original lineup though with Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter. These guys made the best albums for sure. I’ve always been a big Kiss fan, I just never listened to all of their studio albums until now. I’m glad I did. Even though I listened to all Kiss albums on Apple Music streaming, I purchased 4 of their albums for myself. I got their first self titled album, “Dressed to Kill” and I just purchased “Kiss – Alive” and “Destroyer” last night. I dig the original lineup the most ’cause they had the best songs and the best guitar playing.

One thing for sure, though, I find it real sad that the guys had too many problems and not getting along over the years. So I figure I would read all 4 of their memoirs to get a different perspective on their feuds. I’m sure each one of those guys got their own side of the story. I just want to read them all so I can be able to tell which one is the most believable. I finished reading Paul Stanley’s book not too long ago. Now I’m currently reading Peter Criss’s book. Last night, I purchased Gene’s book, “Kiss and Makeup” to get his take on the controversial feud. Soon, I will re-read Ace Frehley’s book “No Regrets”. After I read all 4 of their books, I’ll give you my thoughts on the feud they had in the past.

Kiss is a genius band, though. Glad I finally started getting into them. I’ve read so much about Kiss over the years. Read too many of their interviews through different music magazines and things like that. I one day hope to get my chance to see them live. I could have had my chance to see them when they just played Saratoga Springs @ SPAC earlier this summer. I wanted to go to that show but didn’t have the money. Oh well, maybe next time they play here, I’ll be sure to go.


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