Shia Labeouf binge watches his own movies in a movie theater in NYC with fans… interesting…

A lot of movie actors & actresses hate watching themselves on the big screen but Shia Labeouf doesn’t seem to mind watching his own movies and he seems to enjoy it. Shia Labeouf himself puts on an interesting event in NYC at a movie theater called, the Angelika Film Center. They will screen every Shia Labeouf movie that he ever did. They will screen his whole filmography. His whole filmography, even the smaller roles that he appeared in. They will even screen the two “Nymphomaniac” movies and the film “Fury”. This binge watching event is free for the public and Shia will be there to watch all of them so if you ever wanted to watch movies with a Hollywood actor, now’s your chance.

Here’s the live feed of Shia himself watching his own films. I’ve watched a little bit of him watching his own movies and it’s funny stuff. He’s just sitting there eating away.

Love him or hate him, Shia has balls for this. Maybe he’s never watched his own movies before this and he just wanted to see himself for the first time. Maybe he simply wanted to give his fans and supporters the opportunity to hang out with him. Or maybe he’s bored and has nothing else better to do?

I can’t imagine those guys sitting in the theater watching the two “Nymphomaniac” movies with Shia. All of them having hard-ons and stuff, hahaha! It would be like being in a porno theater.

I would watch movies with Shia myself but not the “Nymphomaniac” movies. I would probably watch “Fury” with him ’cause that was a good movie and also “Lawless” was pretty good too. He may seem weird and has his problems like a lot of people but hey, he’s human like the rest of us. Other than that, he seems like a cool dude.


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