Want to get my first album in the works hopefully in 2016, will probably be all acoustic…

Earlier this year, I upgraded to a whole new studio setup. I got the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface w/phantom power and the PreSonus studio monitors. My new studio setup sounds pretty impressive as I wanted it to be. I wanted a better sound and to record clean with no background hissing or buzzing and any of that unwanted noise. My home studio setup still needs more. Before I start recording, I should get a pop filter so I can record clean vocals without the p’s and b’s. I also need a music stand in which I will get both of these soon.

I’m itching to get a whole new batch of originals out. It’s probably gonna be all acoustic. I’m planning on going back to the acoustic rock thing that I’m used to doing and of course, I’ll still write ballads too. I’m gonna stay away from political songs ’cause people are not really into those. I don’t think people will want to hear my “right-wing” politics in my songs so I think I’ll stay away from them for my next batch of songs. For the lyrics, I think I’ll write positive stuff. Write songs about how great life is and things like that. I think I’ll try to stay away from the dark and negative stuff.

I’ll make the next demo album as best sounding as possible. I’m gonna produce it and do it all myself. Do the mixing and mastering, I’ll figure it all out. I’m planning to record this album with a regular acoustic guitar without all the built in electronics. I’m not gonna play acoustic/electric for this one ’cause I want more of a true acoustic feel. This album will have me doing my own backup vocals and I will have guitar solos too.

I would also like to try to figure out how to soundproof this room so I can keep sound from outside from picking up the recording… ya know, cars and vehicles from outside and noise around the house. I can’t afford all that studio sound proofing material yet but I’m sure there’s a way to soundproof this room on the cheap… I’ll figure it out by doing some googling.


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