What streaming music services can be good for…

In the past, I used to not like the idea of streaming service and I used to avoid those things like the plague. Now I’ve had a change of heart with “online streaming” services for music. I experimented with “Spotify” for a long while and then I switched to “Apple Music” when that finally got here. I’m a still a big fan of “Apple Music”.

I like “streaming music” ’cause since Record Stores are pretty much dead, where else are you going to listen to music? I decided to join the streaming music bandwagon ’cause I thought it would be a good opportunity to listen to the entire discographies of my favorite bands & artists. I have been doing that a lot. I’ve listened to a lot of albums on Apple Music. Got to hear albums I’ve always wanted to hear that I never got to hear before. “Streaming music” can also be good for that if you like an album a lot enough you can buy your own copy. I have been doing that a lot too. If I listen to an album that I loved a lot on Apple Music, I’ll end up buying my own copy through the Itunes store. If you want to own the album you like, they force you to buy your own copy ’cause when you stream albums on Apple Music, you don’t exactly own them. Listening to albums on Apple Music streaming is kind of like “renting” similar to Netflix. Spotify is the same way pretty much. If you want to listen to albums you like on the go, you’ll have to buy your own copy. I got the Ipod Touch 4th Generation and Apple Music won’t let me sync albums to my Ipod. They only allow you to sync albums to the Ipod Touch 4 if you own your copy.

When I buy an album for me to own if I like it enough, I’ll either get it through the Itunes store or just buy the physical CD from FYE or Best Buy or where ever. Yeah, sometimes I still do buy physical CD’s ’cause I would like to have the cover and the album artwork.

I love listening to music. I gotta be around it. This morning I listened to the new Bryan Adams album, “Get Up” and I thought it was a fuckin’ great record. Think I’m gonna get my own copy of that album. Bryan Adams still got it. You remember that guy who wrote the hits “Summer of ’69”, “Run To You” and “Everything I Do”? Bryan Adams has always been one of my favorite singer/songwriters ’cause I used to listen to him a lot when I was in high school so I decided to check out his new album.


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