Just finished listening to Rush’s entire discography of albums…

All this week I finished listening to all of Rush’s studio albums. Listened to their entire body of work. I’m a huge fan of Rush. I’ve already heard a bunch of their studio albums before but now that Apple Music streaming is here, I got to listen to the rest of their albums. I’m a pretty big Rush fanatic. I love Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart. All 3 are phenomenal musicians. I even got the opportunity to see the band live in concert myself once which is a concert I’ll never forget (saw them during the “Test for Echo” tour, I think). Rush has a total of 20 studio albums.

I also listened to their 2003 live album, “Rush In Rio” and will soon listen to their new live album they just put out this year titled, “Rush – R40” which is their 40th Anniversary tour album.

I love all Rush studio albums but the 5 that I loved the most are:

  • Fly By Night
  • Signals
  • Grace Under Pressure
  • Test For Echo
  • Vapor Trails

Hopefully Rush will get back into the studio to record again. They’ve always been an exciting band to listen to. I still love them now.


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