Hitting 40 years old soon and still looking young…

I’ll be hitting the big 40 later at the end of this year. Even though I’m hitting 40 soon and getting older… still though, a lot of people don’t see that I’m 40. I don’t look 40 and people think I look like I’m 20 years old. Getting older but still looking young. Not sure why that is. A lot of people don’t treat me like I’m 40 but many treat me like as if I’m still a kid. That’s okay, though.

Also, as I get older, many people have been giving me nice compliments about my looks lately. I was never one of those who brag about how good I look like most people do these days ’cause I never thought I was good looking, handsome or attractive but more women and even some guys have been complimenting me about my looks lately which feels really good. The more people say things like that, the more it makes me want to be around people more and feel more confident with myself. I don’t post a lot of selfies on facebook/instagram and all that stuff but when I do, that’s when all the nice compliments will start coming in. I never thought I was good looking or handsome but if others want to think so, that’s fine. I’m not saying I’m god’s gift to women or anything but it does help me realize that I should have no problem getting women in my life, though.

You just gotta stay positive about yourself. Not listen to negative people badly judging you all the time and a lot of people has badly judged me. You can’t listen to negative people. Just continue to live life the way you want to and continue to be happy. Keep on keepin’ on. You know what they all say? The older you get, the happier you get which is true.


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