I’m always gonna get trolls and cyberbullies, I just have to ignore them the best I can…

I never understood why a lot of people get off on trying to make me look bad on the internet but it is what is. I can’t do anything to stop trolls and cyberbullies. They’re all dead to me really. I just try my best not to give ’em any attention. I’m always getting people dropping me negative and hateful comments about me all the time. I’m always getting people creating fake anonymous pages attacking me all the time. I just don’t give a fuck about any of it.

Usually when I look at this when people do nothing but treat me negatively, they are usually people who aren’t happy in life. I’m almost right most of the time about that. I don’t know what it is. Maybe these people have personal problems in their lives, not happy or they just have nothing better to do but to talk shit about people online?

Yeah, I’m always gonna get trolls and cyberbullies. I’ve always had and still do to this day. Can you all understand why I’m so strict at moderating everywhere I go online? My blogs, youtube, twitter/facebook, etc. I just don’t allow trolls and negative people in my life, ya know? I have a choice. I know they don’t like me censoring but that’s tough. That’s why they give you these “moderation” features to begin with so you can have complete control of what you do online. You can say hateful things about me everywhere else but you can’t do that on my watch. No freakin’ way.

Sometimes I’ll admit that it’s kind of hard being popular on the internet ’cause you have to watch what you say all the time, haha. I don’t care, though. I’m always gonna get a bunch of assholes that do nothing but treat me negatively. That’s fine with me. They can think and say what they want about me. I’m gonna stay above the haters and not let ’em bring me down. I’m a strong and tough dude. I’m just gonna continue to be who I want to be and not care if anyone else doesn’t like it. Just give them all the middle finger and continue to live life the way you want to and continue to be happy.

Never listen to negative people and just be yourself. Don’t change for anybody. Continue to do that and the more people you’ll piss off. They hate it when you stay above them. That’s why they continue to do what they do. They want to see you get upset and get hurt. It’s never gonna happen with me. I’m just gonna continue to be me and that’s the end of it. Getting haters, trolls & cyberbullies just continues to make me more stronger and makes me want to feel more confident about speaking louder. The more they get pissed off, the more I’ll piss ’em off. That’s how it goes. I don’t mind getting haters & trolls ’cause I see it all as a big compliment for the most part.


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